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High Volume Dove Shooting Cordoba

End of Season Pigeon Shooting Cordoba

Dove, Duck and Perdiz Verzcruz Lodge Cordoba

We have found a jewel of a duck hunt that we are sharing with just one group. Why? The 14 week season is booked up for this lodge, except for these great four days. Where else can you go in the world and have world class duck shooting, with very liberal limits, great food, wines, and accommodations, in a duck hunter’s dream location?


David Miller is headed for a great hunting experience in Argentina in September. Join him for the most unbelievable dove shooting spectacle in the world, Cordoba Argentina.

Spain Wingshoot with Best Wingshooting


Enjoy some of the best driven shooting Spain has to offer in La Moraleja, Spain. High quality lodging to relax in luxury, with fine Spanish cuisine and the best Spanish wines.

All inclusive partridge, pheasant and duck hunt in Burgundy France


September 26 thru 28 Driven – Mixed Bag Partridge, Pheasant and Duck and explore a unique opportunity to stay in a private chateau in Burgundy, Chateau De Villette.



All Inclusive Wingshooting Packages

What does ‘all inclusive’ really mean?

As an example, we have a free range stag hunt in Argentina – FREE RANGE for under $6K. You need to budget for permits and documents to get them back to the US, but they guide you, cape the animal, help with the processing for shipment, lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the airport. Permits may be additional expenses, but if they are they’re in the hundreds of dollars (like tips) not thousands. I think those are the kinds of hunts people really want to go on – Quality hunts with no hidden charges.

Join us and some of the nation’s top wing shooters on an exciting adventure.

Special packages available for multiple locations.

Happy and Satisfied Clients – We Deliver an Extraordinary Wingshooting Experience

Join us in Europe, Argentina or South Africa for YOUR wingshooting trip of a lifetime in ultimate luxury accommodations.

You should definitely put African bird hunting on your bucket list. Best Wingshooting’s South African partner showed us duck, geese, dove, pigeon, guinea fowl and francolin. The latter two were new to me and were great fun to hunt when driven inward by a circle of hunters and beaters. Our South African hosts and guides at Rawhide could not have been more pleasant and accommodating. We had seven days of hunting for a surprisingly reasonable price. It was much more varied than Argentina and well worth the long plane ride.

Bruce Buckcolumnist for Shotgun Report, Shooting Sportsman, Clay Shooting USA

The shooting — Not Possible To Exaggerate! Bring your loading gloves, white athletes’ tape for your loading thumb, and TWO Guns! Just be careful to not over-do it on the first shoot and end up with a sore shoulder. You’ll be mad if you end up watching your buddies shoot because you’re too sore to shoot! Call John for the hunt of a lifetime.

Tom Knapp
Tom KnappThe shooting STAR, world renowned exhibition shooter and CZ-USA spokesman

In Argentina there is no bag limit and no fun limit so come join us on a wingshooting safari that you will remember forever and learn shooting skills that you will use for the rest of your life…..

Gil and Vicki Ash
Gil and Vicki AshOSP Shooting School, Texas

Being able to coach someone on thousands of shots at live birds is truely incredible! Call John.

Anthony Matarese
Anthony MatareseJr NSCA 2012 US Open Winner, 17 time All American Sporting Clays Team and World Champion

We’ve been to Argentina many times and I have to say I’m almost speechless. This morning was phenomenal, and this afternoon I just don’t have words to describe it. Unbelievable ducks, unbelievable pigeons.

Marty Fischer
Marty FischerAuthor, Television host and renowned wingshooter

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hunt at el Cortijo, the shooting was unbelievable, the accommodations were great, the meals were super, everything was done first class. However what made my stay memorable was the staff you have put together at El Cortijo. From Eduardo to Manuel, to the waiter, the chef, the bird boys (especially Oula), even to the fellow who cleans up the property, I could have not been treated any better and I really appreciate it. My hat is off to all of them, especially Gabby, who really looked out for me, helping me in and out of vans, getting on the computer, and overall just being a wonderful person. Looking forward to my next visit. I will surely give your lodge a very high recommendation to my shooting students and hope they visit you. You may want to forward this message to my friends at El Cortijo, and let them know how good a job they are doing.

Bruce BoydNSCA Level II Instructor

Friends and Fellow Hunters,

I just wanted to give you a quick update. High volume dove hunting in Argentina is absolutely the best…truly phenomenal experience. Casey, myself, friend Duz Packett and Mike Moody with his son Ben are all having the time of our lives. I highly recommend it. This place is beautiful, kind hosts, great hunting. Well worth the travel and money for the experience. I say this and we have two more days of hunting left. I would ask you guys to start considering Argentina for a hunt of a lifetime.


Bird Shooting with Best Wingshooting in Cordoba! It is not difficult to shoot over 1,000 birds a day! I know…I DID…Mission Accomplished! Hosting 24 DIVAS from the United States during two different hunts for two weeks, our accommodations were 5 Star with a family environment. Our group of ladies, friends and spouses wanted for nothing and nothing was left to chance! Language was not a problem…everyone spoke Malbec! To our new best friends…
Thank You Eduardo and staff…we’ll be back!

Judy Rhodes
Judy RhodesFounder, DIVA Women Outdoors Worldwide

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