3 Items of Good News for a Thursday

Hi guys and girls, more good news for you duck hunters about Argentina; also we’re on the radio; and we have some trips in July, August, and September you will want to know about –

  1. We’re running a special on Duck Hunts at Vera Cruz in August, 4 Days for the Price of 3. Now that’s quality duck hunting at a bargain, plus you can dove shoot, perdiz hunt, and fish for Golden Dorado at the same time.  See the flier attached.
  2. Welcome to Reno Viola Outdoors Radio Station! Your hosts are dedicated to bringing you information, education and entertainment about hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, rving or just the great outdoors throughout North America. They are supposed to do an interview with me about international hunting. I will let you know when you might hear it.
  3. I’ll be reporting on unlimited pigeon hunting in Idaho next month; Marty Fischer is making a television show in August, and you’re invited; and Dave Miller of CZ-USA is coming to Argentina in September.

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