A thank you from Tom Puccio

Tomas and Clarita and John,
I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic trip that was!  Both lodges were again excellent, the food superb, the staff wonderful, and the birds incredible.  There was only one day when the doves were a little off, but the next day sure made up for it.  Edwardo did a great job at the dove lodge taking care of us, and the cook and staff was excellent!
The relaxing pace at the pigeon lodge was a great wind-down to a perfect trip.  Zeke did a great job on locating the pigeons, and I was able to limit out on birds every hunt!  I was also able to hunt again with Ramon and had a great time!  Cristian again did a wonderful job, and the meals and staff at the pigeon lodge were also excellent.  I also want to thank Cristian and his staff for having a fire in the stoves in our rooms upon our arrival back to the estancia in the evenings.  That was a wonderful touch and it spread light and warmth throughout the room!  And also a big thanks for keeping the wood stacks full!
I do hope, if it is God’s will, that I am able to come back and spend time again at both the dove and pigeon lodge next year, and maybe even spend some time in Cordoba after hunting to see the city.  Maybe you would be able to provide a guide for me for a couple of days.

Once again, thanks to you Tomas and Clarita, and your staff, for providing such great service and making these the most enjoyable hunts that I have taken.

I hope to see you both again at the DSC show next year and discuss future hunting adventures!

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