A No Hidden Fee Policy Is Important to Me and Wingshooters Everywhere

BestWingshooting.com was built by a wingshooter, who, after booking hunts himself with outfitters all over the world, knew there was a straight up, no hidden fees way to offer hunts that every wingshooter would love and could afford.

That is what we have tried to do from Day One – Offer no hassle, All Inclusive Pricing at proven, high quality, yet affordable lodges all over the world.

What started as a love of dove shooting in East Tennessee expanded to doves and quail and pheasants all over the Southern states and West. Those wingshooting adventures expanded to ducks and geese on the Chester River of Maryland’s famed Eastern Shore, where for 15 years, as a registered guide on an exclusive 1 ¼ mile of waterfront property, we participated in Canada Goose hunting, truly a sport for kings.

Then came Canada for ducks and geese, and Colombia (before the drug lords took over) for doves, then Argentina for doves, pigeons, and ducks; England, Hungary, and Slovakia for Driven Pheasants, Partridges, and Ducks; South Africa for doves, pigeons, ducks, geese, francolin, guinea fowl, and quail; this year Bolivia for doves and pigeons; and this Fall Scotland for driven partridges, pheasants, and grouse.

We know what we are offering because we have been there, met the people, seen how we are greeted at the airport, gone through the gun registration, evaluated the lodges, the food, the hunting, the quality of the equipment, the cleanliness, virtually everything to make sure YOUR hunt is a first-class experience. We have weeded out any of the outfitters that don’t provide the kind of service and adventure we ourselves want to participate in, so you know when you go with Best Wingshooting, it’s a sure bet.

We knew we had been blessed in our wingshooting adventures, and we wanted to share those incredible, unforgettable, life changing experiences with others. That is what BestWingshooting is all about.

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What is All-Inclusive?

Our wingshooting packages are billed as All-Inclusive. That means from the time you arrive at the airport where your hunt begins, all your costs are included – transfers to and from the airport, to and from the lodge to the fields, all lodging, all meals, all required licenses, gun rental or importation fees, staff service charges, everything except usually two things – bird boy tips paid in cash to the bird boy at the end of the hunt and shells beyond those included in the package.