Argentina Past and Future

Laurie and I have just returned from the best trip to Argentina yet, which is saying something after 25 years. What was so special? The people. The birds were abundant; the food was excellent; the staff were incredible; but it was the people who came there to hunt that made the trip so special. Guests who became friends and owners who became family. Though I knew Tomas well, I had never met Clarita, his wonderful wife with whom I have corresponded for several years. She was an even a greater delight in person than in her wonderful emails. “Behind every successful man…” and Clarita is obviously that in the Frontera family. Helping run a business and raise 4 children is no easy job (right Moms?), but Clarita seems to do it with a smile on her face and a wonderful outlook on life. It was great to share time with both of these wonderful young people and cement our business relationship.

There were 12 in our first group and 11 in our second group of dove/pigeon shooters, some repeat customers from last year and some new customers who wanted to get in on the tremendous Gil and Vicki Ash (OSP) teaching seminar. Every person brought a smile, laughter, personal and pleasant conversation, an “I want to shoot better” attitude, and an air about them that made the whole trip, well, delightful.

We can’t say enough about Tomas and Clarita Frontera’s lodges and staff. We stayed at El Paraiso and at La Zenaida both. Each was magnificent and special, and the staffs were excellent. Most of the guests also spent 3 days at Montaraz pigeon lodge after the doves. We were hosting at La Zenaida, but the 350 year old completely restored Montaraz estancia exceeded the expectations of every guest and the pigeon shooting was incredible. Just ask Gil and Vicki or any of the hunters who went there.

The whole crew have already signed up for next year, so we are excited about 2016 already. I will get those dates out to everyone as soon as I have them from OSP.

But we are not done with Argentina for this year.

Marty Fischer of TNT Outdoor Explosion and I are headed there in August for a Pre Dove Season Challenge. I am putting the fliers on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but if you are not a Social animal, just email me and I will send you your personal invitation.

Dave Miller, CZ Production Manager and Guinness Book of Records holder for clays in one hour is headed there in September. Dave raised $80K for Pheasants Forever Youth development programs – $80,000. That’s is really doing something to help youth. A Master Class shooter, Dave is also an instructor and world class dove shooter. I know; I have shot with him.

AND, Laurie and I are doing a special Thanksgiving Trip for empty nesters, those who do not have family traditions, and those who would like to share the holiday in a warm, sunny, blue sky, bird filled, long day, wine tasting, pool sitting, gourmet dining atmosphere. That would be Argentina with Tomas Frontera, November 23rd – 30th for four full days of unbelievable dove shooting followed by shopping and touring in Cordoba. Let us know if you are interested, and let your friends know too. You never know who would like a NEW Thanksgiving outing. There is a new direct flight from Miami to Cordoba staring in July, and we hope to tell you all about it first hand.

Help A Hunter

IMPORTANT: Following is a link to a charity auction where I am giving away a dove shoot in Argentina. The auction closes June18th, and here is a way that you can help a fellow hunter who lost everything in a fire, while getting to go on one of our incredible dove shoots at price you set yourself.

Laurie and I want to host couples trips starting in 2016, and we will be making an important announcement about that and bring you the details soon.

I am headed to Idaho for unlimited pigeons next month, July, and will report on that. Laurie and I are headed to Texas in September for pigeons, Eurasian doves, White Wings, and Mourning doves. Yes, you will get the report on that too.


We also have the partridges of Spain in October, the pheasants of the High Bird Syndicate at Chateau Bela in mid November, and the European Christmas Market Tour in December. All of these will be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. Please email or call me for details.

Speaking of 2016, why not plan your hunt now? We will be announcing dates for Argentina soon for next year, and most of our European hunts occur within the same time frame each year. Now would be a good time to note where you like to go in 2016 and let me know.

What we do at BestWingshooting depends on YOU, not on me. I can customize trips to your dates, your friends, your hunt requirements, and your budget. You only have to tell me what you would like to do. Your emails, your asking your friends to like the websites and sign up for the newsletters are critical to a small business like this one. Please share the newsletters and ask your friends, gun club, and business associates to contact me to help with their hunting needs.  Thank You.


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