August Update

Many of you don’t know, but July 2015 was an interesting month. I have no recollection of it as I spent the first 17 days of July on complete life support in the ICU at Moore County Regional Hospital (First Health), receiving the best and finest care any person could ask for. That’s what my wonderful Laurie told me and I believe her.

Thanks to the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and nurses assistants I survived major surgery on an obstruction in my lower intestine, and collapsed lungs, and flat lining twice. It is because of the prayers of many people and the love of a very real God, who was with me in this time, that I am even able to write to you today. I arrived home July 27th, and am still quite weak. I am learning to do things I had taken for granted all my life, like walking. My prognosis is full recovery … now, but I was in a life and death situation for the first 15 days of July and only on the 16th day of life support did they decide that I was indeed strong enough to make it.

For those of you who knew what was going on and prayed for me, and for Laurie, who was truly an angel during this whole time, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. God heard your prayers. Of that, I am sure.

I will be working half days this week assuming I feel like it, and I do at present. I will be sending out some new information on a hunt in November and some opportunities for this year and for next.

I look forward to helping some of you enjoy the hunt of a lifetime in the days to come.

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