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Join us in South Africa for Doves and Pigeons

Join us in South Africa for Doves and Pigeons Here’s the deal – Seven days in Africa for cheaper than 3 days in Argentina – Volume shooting on the Dark Continent. It’s the time and place to be there – I know. Uncle Mike and I shot for three days and the pigeon shooting was […]

Shawn Stitt Headed to Argentina

All you shooters who hail from the North country, especially Canada, may want to escape the cold and snow of winter and enjoy some of the greatest shooting on the planet. Here’s your chance!! Shawn Stitt, Canadian Champion Sporting Clays shooter, is headed BACK to Argentina for three days of non-stop action – dove shooting […]

Sweden Unlimited Duck and Goose Hunt 2018

Sweden Unlimited Duck and Goose Hunt 2018 This hunt is for NEXT YEAR, but we have to book it NOW. I need 6 committed Waterfowlers to join me for a trip to Sweden to shoot NO LIMIT geese and ducks. Three days of geese in the morning and two days of ducks in the afternoon. […]

2017 Mid-Year Newsletter

This year I have tried to keep you in the loop on Best Wingshooting offerings, but have not put together any kind of newsletter on where the business is or is headed, offered any shooting tips, or told you how some of the hunts this year have gone. This is my mid-year update on that […]

Winged Shooting and Couples Getaway Highland Perthshire, Scotland

First Class Winged Shooting

Murthly Estate is nestled in the heart of Perthshire, overlooking River Tay. The wide variety of terrain in this part of Perthshire straddles both Highland and Lowland ground, which makes for an exciting hunt with different challenges. Shooters will experience the thrill of a walk-up hunt for pheasant and grouse one day, and a driven pheasant shoot the next day. www.murthly-estate.com.

Sportsman’s Travel Insurance

You’ll want to make sure that you protect the investment you’ve made in your trip by being protected with CPO* Sportsman’s Travel Insurance to ensure you get back the money you would not otherwise be entitled to. Furthermore, this policy will protect your personal belongings AND your sporting equipment should they be lost in transit.

August Update

Many of you don’t know, but July 2015 was an interesting month. I have no recollection of it as I spent the first 17 days of July on complete life support in the ICU at Moore County Regional Hospital (First Health), receiving the best and finest care any person could ask for. That’s what my wonderful Laurie […]