Join us in South Africa for Doves and Pigeons

Join us in South Africa for Doves and Pigeons

Here’s the deal – Seven days in Africa for cheaper than 3 days in Argentina – Volume shooting on the Dark Continent. It’s the time and place to be there – I know. Uncle Mike and I shot for three days and the pigeon shooting was FANTASTIC.  You better be on your game with these birds. Call me, email me, make your reservations!

South Africa

7 Days/6 Nights

March-April 2018

5 days no bag limit dove & pigeon shooting

1 day photographic & wildlife tour

4 Hunters Minimum • 12 Hunters Maximum

Bird boy • Shotgun shells @ $13 per box

Non shooting spouses @ $200 per day

Sons & daughters under 18 half price

Free Sporting Classics MagazineAs for Sporting Classics, Ryan Stalvey, Associate Publisher of the magazine, is a friend of the family, and my wife, Laurie, has had several stories published in the magazine. Good outdoor magazines with great content are at a premium, and I want to share what I get, as a lifetime subscriber, with you.  If you already have a subscription to Sporting Classics, you can give this one as a gift or extend your subscription. I will provide the magazine with your name and address and the cost of the one year subscription FREE, and if you extend or treat a friend, all you have to do is contact them.

Shawn Stitt Headed to Argentina

All you shooters who hail from the North country, especially Canada, may want to escape the cold and snow of winter and enjoy some of the greatest shooting on the planet. Here’s your chance!! Shawn Stitt, Canadian Champion Sporting Clays shooter, is headed BACK to Argentina for three days of non-stop action – dove shooting at its very best – seriously! Long days, unlimited birds, great pools to relax, wonderful wines, exquisite food, and an unforgettable shooting memory await you. Reserve your spot now. Talk to Shawn or talk to me. We can tell you all about it.  

– John

High Volume Dove Shooting with Shawn Stitt

Shawn Stitt
2017 Canadian Sporting Clays Champion

Lessons in the field with unlimited shooting
One-on-one instruction with one of the best young shooters today
All Inclusive with 500 Shells
Extra: Bird Boy Tips &  More shells

Sweden Unlimited Duck and Goose Hunt 2018

Sweden Unlimited Duck and Goose Hunt 2018

This hunt is for NEXT YEAR, but we have to book it NOW. I need 6 committed Waterfowlers to join me for a trip to Sweden to shoot NO LIMIT geese and ducks. Three days of geese in the morning and two days of ducks in the afternoon. And if you would like to spend a day or two in the lovely land of Swedes, we can and will do that too. I’m hosting this hunt as it is something that really appeals to my waterfowl senses. I need you commitment via email first and then followed by a $2000 deposit check by the first week in September. That’s all the time we have before the hunt goes to someone else. No kidding, great experience, once in a lifetime – let’s go.

This hunt is vetted by my friend Ramsey Russell and is one of his premier hunts. I am going like everybody else, a hunter. This will be a great time. Hope six of you can join in.

– John

7 hunters max / 4 hunters min • 3 Goose Hunts / 2 Duck Hunts
$999 for Non-Hunter
Includes meals, lodging, transfers & licenses

2017 Mid-Year Newsletter

This year I have tried to keep you in the loop on Best Wingshooting offerings, but have not put together any kind of newsletter on where the business is or is headed, offered any shooting tips, or told you how some of the hunts this year have gone. This is my mid-year update on that and our trips.

South Africa Wingshooting

South Africa Wingshooting Safaris

We have had some great hunts in Africa so far this year, and the GREAT NEWS about Africa is that next year there is NO price increase. Seven days in Africa for 3 species of doves, Rock Pigeons, 6 species of ducks, 2 species of geese, driven and pointed guinea fowl, Francolin and quail over pointing dogs, all during your stay, and all available from April through July, Africa’s winter, all for $3650.

BUT, there’s more. In 2018, we are offering a Dove/Pigeon special. You choose the number of days you want to hunt, and pay only shells and tips as the extras. Everything else is in the All-Inclusive pricing. Watch for the new flier.


Argentina Wingshooting Trip Updates

Argentina Wingshooting Packages

The OSP Shooting School booked up completely this year – Ducks, Doves, and Pigeons, three different hunts, nine days, full lodges. If you want Wingshooting practice under the watchful and helpful eyes of professionals, this is your trip.

We are expanding our offerings in Argentina next year, with Quail and Trout in Patagonia, which Laurie and I will host. Also, a lodge in Salta has been recommended to us and we will be taking an exploratory trip there to check it out. Maybe you can join us on one or both trips. Finally, we are going to host a wine and dove/pigeon hunt in Mendoza in 2018 as well. Three days of shooting and two days of vineyard visiting in one of the top wine areas in the world. Stay tuned.

Marty Fischer’s TV show, “If it flies, …”, will feature duck hunting at Veracruz Lodge in Santa Fe with 8 lucky people joining in for the fun. That one booked up quickly too. Marty and I will be doing other featured hunts, (like Spain and Slovakia) so stay tuned for your 2018 opportunity to meet and hunt with one of TV’s great Wingshooters and sportsman.

Bolivia Wingshooting

New Wingshooting Packages in Bolivia

We had a tremendous trip to Bolivia in June for doves and pigeons, always a favorite pairing for most of the Best Wingshooting groups. We shot doves, doves with some pigeons, pigeons with some doves, and all pigeons. It was great. We opted for a three-day program, but will definitely do the four-day program next time, as three days were just not enough. Two lodges, a world class microbrewery in between, pools, hot tubs, spa, masseuse, excellent bird shooting, 20 years of experience, great hosts/owners – What more could you ask for? This was an exploratory trip that proved to be far more than we had hoped. Oh, and from Raleigh, where I live, it was a 7:30 PM departure to a 7:30 AM arrival. Very easy flight and hassle free for bringing your own guns. I liked it. Start planning your 2018 hunt now as their season only runs from April through September. Lots of airlines will get you there, but COPA has a special of $1680 RT Business Class for August. Check out COPA for Argentina flights too. Good airline.

Europe Driven Shooting Europe – Driven Partridge in Spain

There is great interest in our Driven Partridge shoot in Spain, January 22 – 26, 2018. I couldn’t publicize this on the web, but I can tell you in the newsletter – One shooter, and one non-shooter, two days of Driven Partridge with bag limits of 300 birds per day, or more, two days of touring Madrid, all with the 4th generation owner of the estancia as our host – $4995, All Inclusive. This is a special offering just for Best Wingshooting clients. No one else gets this kind of quality and service. Call or email me and join in. We are already about full, and Laurie and I will also be hosting.


We have one peg available for Scotland, September 30th through October 4th this year. Call or email me for details.

Wingshooting in America

Goose and Dove Hunting in the United States

I have lined up what should be a really fun hunt in early September. We are goose hunting in the morning and dove shooting in the afternoon with Captain Froggy, on the coast of NC. Currently there are four of us going, but there is room for several more. You can hunt one, two, three or more days at $300 per day. All the details will be in a flier coming out soon. We hope you can join Laurie, Bugsy, Doug and myself on my 69th birthday hunt.

Global Rescue

Global Rescue – Hunting insurance you can’t live without

I am negotiating with Global Rescue to include a 7-day policy with each of Best Wingshooting’s trips. One of the guests in Bolivia, not with us, had what appeared to be serious medical issues one day. He came back to the US after only one day there, and it turns out he probably suffered a mild heart attack, if such a thing can be considered mild. It brought home to all of us who were there that if there was a medical emergency for one of us, we needed a plan on how to handle it. Most of you know I went through a serious period a couple of years ago and still have a heart that doesn’t work as well as most people’s. I was traveling a lot not too many years ago, and had a yearly policy with Global Rescue, which, fortunately, I never had to use. I will be using this service on the trips Laurie and I have planned – Scotland, Spain, Argentina, and Bolivia in the coming year. I want to feel secure in my travels and want all my customers and friends to feel the same.

Straight Shooting BB Gun – Leon Measure’s Shoot Where You Look

Leon Measure has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of kids to shoot aspirin or even BB’s out of the air with a BB gun with “Shoot Where You Look” methodology.

Shoot Straight! A new straight shooting BB gun.

However, you need a BB gun that will shoot STRAIGHT, and when the rifle company stopped making one that did, Leon took it on himself to build a straight shooting BB gun to make kids better shooters. Precision tools for precision training. For more than 50 years the Shoot Where You Look System has enabled tens of thousands of shooters to save time and money, while becoming better shooters. The specific Training Tools around which SWYL was developed were discontinued so Leon went in search of a manufacturer who could. Ultimately, he decided to create his own and is offering you the first chance to buy one of the first 1000 BB guns. Buyers will appreciate owning a piece of history, and the satisfaction of having had a positive, lasting impact in the future of the shooting sports.

Help out the next generation of shooters

Here is YOUR chance to HELP. I bought one of these new straight shooting BB guns because it’s right to help someone who is trying to help so many, and you should too. Let’s do something that’s really GOOD for future shotgun shooters. Read the flier, check out the story on the internet.

Winged Shooting and Couples Getaway Highland Perthshire, Scotland

First Class Winged Shooting

Murthly Estate is nestled in the heart of Perthshire, overlooking River Tay. The wide variety of terrain in this part of Perthshire straddles both Highland and Lowland ground, which makes for an exciting hunt with different challenges. Shooters will experience the thrill of a walk-up hunt for pheasant and grouse one day, and a driven pheasant shoot the next day.

Magnificent European Hunts in 2017

Start making plans for a European Hunt in 2017.

European Hunts Driven Partridges in Spain european hunts driven-pheasants-in-slovakia european hunts wingshooting in scotland



Sportsman’s Travel Insurance

Serious Travel Insurance Protection for Serious Outdoor Enthusiasts


Travel insurance. Should you buy it, or not? You’ve invested time and money into planning your trip, and it is probably safe to say that it would take something rather significant to keep you from going. But have you considered this?

  • What if you, your traveling companion or family member are seriously injured, fall ill, or pass away?
  • What if there is a natural disaster at your destination?
  • What if, for environmental or other reasons, the government at your destination prohibits the activities you expressly expect to participate in?

You’ll want to make sure that you protect the investment you’ve made in your trip by being protected with CPO* Sportsman’s Travel Insurance to ensure you get back the money you would not otherwise be entitled to. Furthermore, this policy will protect your personal belongings AND your sporting equipment should they be lost in transit.

*CPO Sportsman’s Travel is designed specifically for residents of the United States, and protects them for both domestic and international travel.

My Personal Story – A guide in Texas cancelled a hunt I was scheduled for. I had a plane ticket, which the airline will honor for one year – less a $200 change fee. The ticket was $400. PLUS, I upgraded that ticket to Business Class for an additional $600. Yes, you guessed it, the airline doesn’t give refunds OR transfer it to the ticket I had purchased. So much for good will at United Airlines, but all airlines have their ways of stealing your money when you don’t/can’t go on a trip. Those of you who are frequent fliers know what I am talking about. MORAL – Buy Trip Insurance. Small purchase when you consider the cost of your hunt. BUY IT. – John

I offer it on my website through Coastal Plains Outdoors  who I began to work with several years ago. You NEED trip insurance, and not the one the airline offers. For more information, here is the brochure on Coastal Plains Outdoors Travel Insurance. For more information please contact Travers Davis, CISR at Coastal Plains Outdoors at 843.384.2903 or email: .

August Update

Many of you don’t know, but July 2015 was an interesting month. I have no recollection of it as I spent the first 17 days of July on complete life support in the ICU at Moore County Regional Hospital (First Health), receiving the best and finest care any person could ask for. That’s what my wonderful Laurie told me and I believe her.

Thanks to the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and nurses assistants I survived major surgery on an obstruction in my lower intestine, and collapsed lungs, and flat lining twice. It is because of the prayers of many people and the love of a very real God, who was with me in this time, that I am even able to write to you today. I arrived home July 27th, and am still quite weak. I am learning to do things I had taken for granted all my life, like walking. My prognosis is full recovery … now, but I was in a life and death situation for the first 15 days of July and only on the 16th day of life support did they decide that I was indeed strong enough to make it.

For those of you who knew what was going on and prayed for me, and for Laurie, who was truly an angel during this whole time, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. God heard your prayers. Of that, I am sure.

I will be working half days this week assuming I feel like it, and I do at present. I will be sending out some new information on a hunt in November and some opportunities for this year and for next.

I look forward to helping some of you enjoy the hunt of a lifetime in the days to come.

The Eared Doves of Cordoba

“LISTEN,” BIG JOHN WHISPERED, cocking his head toward the loudening sound. A soft, low rumble like an oncoming freight train was closing in from the distance. His gaze swept the cornfield, lately reaped of its golden harvest, the barren cornstalks bent over like a regiment of withered old war veterans.

Coo-coo. Coo-coo-a.
“The wind?”
“No. The doves.”