3 Items of Good News for a Thursday

Hi guys and girls, more good news for you duck hunters about Argentina; also we’re on the radio; and we have some trips in July, August, and September you will want to know about –

  1. We’re running a special on Duck Hunts at Vera Cruz in August, 4 Days for the Price of 3. Now that’s quality duck hunting at a bargain, plus you can dove shoot, perdiz hunt, and fish for Golden Dorado at the same time.  See the flier attached.
  2. Welcome to Reno Viola Outdoors Radio Station! Your hosts are dedicated to bringing you information, education and entertainment about hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, rving or just the great outdoors throughout North America. They are supposed to do an interview with me about international hunting. I will let you know when you might hear it.
  3. I’ll be reporting on unlimited pigeon hunting in Idaho next month; Marty Fischer is making a television show in August, and you’re invited; and Dave Miller of CZ-USA is coming to Argentina in September.

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A thank you from Tom Puccio

Tomas and Clarita and John,
I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic trip that was!  Both lodges were again excellent, the food superb, the staff wonderful, and the birds incredible.  There was only one day when the doves were a little off, but the next day sure made up for it.  Edwardo did a great job at the dove lodge taking care of us, and the cook and staff was excellent!
The relaxing pace at the pigeon lodge was a great wind-down to a perfect trip.  Zeke did a great job on locating the pigeons, and I was able to limit out on birds every hunt!  I was also able to hunt again with Ramon and had a great time!  Cristian again did a wonderful job, and the meals and staff at the pigeon lodge were also excellent.  I also want to thank Cristian and his staff for having a fire in the stoves in our rooms upon our arrival back to the estancia in the evenings.  That was a wonderful touch and it spread light and warmth throughout the room!  And also a big thanks for keeping the wood stacks full!
I do hope, if it is God’s will, that I am able to come back and spend time again at both the dove and pigeon lodge next year, and maybe even spend some time in Cordoba after hunting to see the city.  Maybe you would be able to provide a guide for me for a couple of days.

Once again, thanks to you Tomas and Clarita, and your staff, for providing such great service and making these the most enjoyable hunts that I have taken.

I hope to see you both again at the DSC show next year and discuss future hunting adventures!


Argentina Past and Future

Laurie and I have just returned from the best trip to Argentina yet, which is saying something after 25 years. What was so special? The people. The birds were abundant; the food was excellent; the staff were incredible; but it was the people who came there to hunt that made the trip so special. Guests who became friends and owners who became family. Though I knew Tomas well, I had never met Clarita, his wonderful wife with whom I have corresponded for several years. She was an even a greater delight in person than in her wonderful emails. “Behind every successful man…” and Clarita is obviously that in the Frontera family. Helping run a business and raise 4 children is no easy job (right Moms?), but Clarita seems to do it with a smile on her face and a wonderful outlook on life. It was great to share time with both of these wonderful young people and cement our business relationship.

There were 12 in our first group and 11 in our second group of dove/pigeon shooters, some repeat customers from last year and some new customers who wanted to get in on the tremendous Gil and Vicki Ash (OSP) teaching seminar. Every person brought a smile, laughter, personal and pleasant conversation, an “I want to shoot better” attitude, and an air about them that made the whole trip, well, delightful.

We can’t say enough about Tomas and Clarita Frontera’s lodges and staff. We stayed at El Paraiso and at La Zenaida both. Each was magnificent and special, and the staffs were excellent. Most of the guests also spent 3 days at Montaraz pigeon lodge after the doves. We were hosting at La Zenaida, but the 350 year old completely restored Montaraz estancia exceeded the expectations of every guest and the pigeon shooting was incredible. Just ask Gil and Vicki or any of the hunters who went there.

The whole crew have already signed up for next year, so we are excited about 2016 already. I will get those dates out to everyone as soon as I have them from OSP.

But we are not done with Argentina for this year.

Marty Fischer of TNT Outdoor Explosion and I are headed there in August for a Pre Dove Season Challenge. I am putting the fliers on FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but if you are not a Social animal, just email me and I will send you your personal invitation.

Dave Miller, CZ Production Manager and Guinness Book of Records holder for clays in one hour is headed there in September. Dave raised $80K for Pheasants Forever Youth development programs – $80,000. That’s is really doing something to help youth. A Master Class shooter, Dave is also an instructor and world class dove shooter. I know; I have shot with him.

AND, Laurie and I are doing a special Thanksgiving Trip for empty nesters, those who do not have family traditions, and those who would like to share the holiday in a warm, sunny, blue sky, bird filled, long day, wine tasting, pool sitting, gourmet dining atmosphere. That would be Argentina with Tomas Frontera, November 23rd – 30th for four full days of unbelievable dove shooting followed by shopping and touring in Cordoba. Let us know if you are interested, and let your friends know too. You never know who would like a NEW Thanksgiving outing. There is a new direct flight from Miami to Cordoba staring in July, and we hope to tell you all about it first hand.

Help A Hunter

IMPORTANT: Following is a link to a charity auction where I am giving away a dove shoot in Argentina. The auction closes June18th, and here is a way that you can help a fellow hunter who lost everything in a fire, while getting to go on one of our incredible dove shoots at price you set yourself.


Laurie and I want to host couples trips starting in 2016, and we will be making an important announcement about that and bring you the details soon.

I am headed to Idaho for unlimited pigeons next month, July, and will report on that. Laurie and I are headed to Texas in September for pigeons, Eurasian doves, White Wings, and Mourning doves. Yes, you will get the report on that too.


We also have the partridges of Spain in October, the pheasants of the High Bird Syndicate at Chateau Bela in mid November, and the European Christmas Market Tour in December. All of these will be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well. Please email or call me for details.

Speaking of 2016, why not plan your hunt now? We will be announcing dates for Argentina soon for next year, and most of our European hunts occur within the same time frame each year. Now would be a good time to note where you like to go in 2016 and let me know.

What we do at BestWingshooting depends on YOU, not on me. I can customize trips to your dates, your friends, your hunt requirements, and your budget. You only have to tell me what you would like to do. Your emails, your asking your friends to like the websites and sign up for the newsletters are critical to a small business like this one. Please share the newsletters and ask your friends, gun club, and business associates to contact me to help with their hunting needs.  Thank You.


May Newsletter

In late May and early June, Argentina next week with Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School. 18 of us will descend on Cordoba next Wednesday for 6 days of dove and pigeon shooting. I will figure out how to post pictures on line. It will be Fall in Argentina with cool mornings and gorgeous days – and millions of doves.

In July, we head to Boise, Idaho to hunt Unlimited Pigeons with Pure Pigeon Outfitters head, Neal Hunt, http://www.purepigeon.com/. If this is as good as it is supposed to be, this will become a regular fixture for BestWingshooting. I need one good shooter to fill out the group for this, so if you want to go, please email or phone me.

In August, make plans to join me in Argentina. There is a chance that George Digweed, http://georgedigweed.com/, http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=george+digweed&qpvt=george+digweed&FORM=VDRE, the biggest name in shooting today and 24 time World Champion, may join me for the Dove Challenge. Marty Fischer of TNT Explosion on the Outdoor Channel should be there to film for TV and show off his shooting prowess as well.
Here is anybody’s chance to win 500 shells off me if you can do better on the doves than I can. Call or email for more information.

In September, we are back to Argentina with Dave Miller of CZ-USA who recently set the Guinness Book of Records for clays shot in one hour, http://cz-usa.com/uncategorized/3653-sporting-clays-targets-in-one-hourguinness-world-records-recognizes-cz-usas-dave-miller-with-new-record/. Dave, a master class shooter and head of CZ-USA production, will be coming to Argentina for the incredible dove shooting and you are welcome to join him, and learn from him. The weather will be beautiful and the birds will be ‘out of this world’. Join us. Call or email me.

In September, too, we are headed to west Texas to shoot Unlimited pigeons and Eurasian Doves, and limits of White Wings and Mourning Doves with Wayne Bolt of Texas Fowl, http://www.texasfowl.com/. Again, if this proves to be successful, we will add it to US places to hunt with BestWingshooting.com. We have a very good ‘Trial Group’ for this outing and I will let you know the results.

In October, we have two chances to shoot Driven Partridges in Spain. Three days of shooting, 1000 partridges – AND the best pricing for hunts of this caliber anywhere. Call or email for details.

In November, we have a long weekend set aside at The Webb Farm for traditional Southern Quail Hunting, http://www.thewebbfarm.com/the-webb-farm/. This one comes with meals, accommodations, unlimited hunting, wonderful Southern Hospitality and everything that goes with being one of the top Quail Hunting Farms in the US. Call or email me for details.

We hope to check out Mexico in September. I am assured by my American outfitter that things are much better than they used to be and that the border problems have been blown out of proportion by the media (imagine that) so we are going to see for ourselves. This outfitter has incredible doves, ducks, and quail and 120 hunters from 2013/14 to prove it. I will let you know what I find out as soon as we can make it happen.

We will be adding hunts and developing dates as time and adventures dictate. Please join us on any of our hunts of a life time.

Remember, the outfitter pays me, not YOU. If you book direct with someone, you don’t save any money and you cost me money. Please consider that when booking your next hunt.

Our Dove Shooting Trip to La Zenaida Lodge in Argentina

I am writing to you from La Zenaida Lodge in Argentina. Laurie and I have been here now for 10 days. We also spent a day at El Paraiso about 10 minutes away and loved it as well. While the Argentines call this the “High Season”, it is the low season for doves. Here, now, there are only a few million, not the 10 million that will be here  at the lodge from October through February. Think about that for a second. Any hunter, any day, can shoot 1000 shells in the morning and 1000 shells in the evening.

Two days ago on a beautiful 75 degree afternoon, our hunters (three of them) shot 500 shells each in one hour and decided to relax the rest of their outing and watch the birds fly. Where else on earth can you do that? Where else on earth do they fly for three hours in the morning and three or four hours in the afternoon in a constant steady stream on shorter Fall days like it is here now? Answer: no where.

We stayed here while Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School took the first group to the pigeon lodge, Montaraz, about 3 ½ hours away. We stayed because part of our second group showed up early and we felt we should be here when they arrived. I’m glad we did. The three (a husband and wife, and a friend) came from Jamaica, the first Jamaicans here at the lodge. It has been a delight. Four more came in the second group, two more couples, and we have 7 shooters, plus Gil and Vicki shooting, coaching, filming, and being the consummate hosts.

We are at Tomas Frontera’s lodges, and he has been with us most of the time. That is a big thing for a young man with 5 lodges to look after, plus an office with at least 6 employees, and 4 children at home. His wonderful wife, Clarita, keeps the business and the house going with some staff help. It is a wonderful family pursuing and developing their dream of great shooting lodges for doves, pigeons, and ducks here in Argentina. And they are succeeding.

I will close with this – the roses are in bloom, the wind is blowing gently; there is the sound of gunfire a couple of hundred yards from the lodge; and there are tens of thousands of birds in the air. I think I need to be somewhere other than at the key board. Till next time.

A thank you from Dan Gallagher

High Volume Dove Shooting in Córdoba, Argentina

By Dan Gallagher


Approximately four years ago I decided to take-up shotgunning with the purpose of learning how to become a better wingshooter. The impetus was that I had been early retired from doing science, and I required a challenge to fill the void. I discovered that challenge when my close friend Guy took me to his skeet range outside of Austin, Texas; I stunk-up the range, hitting about 1% of my shots, unable to even consistently hit a clay thrown at station seven. I decided at that time to become a better clay and wingshooter by first learning the basics.

I went online, and discovered the Leon Measures’ Shoot Where You Look (SWYL) training program (http://www.shootwhereyoulook.com/index.asp). I completed the home study course using the mirror technique and my Marlin .22 rifle. The beauty of SWYL is its simplicity, and that at the end of the program, the fundamentals of wingshooting are engrained at minimal cost to the shooter without firing a shotgun: safety; stance; smooth swing; touching the trigger without slowing the gun; both eyes opened with focus on the target (i.e., shooting where you are looking). I continued to practice the exercises of the SWYL program while evaluating shotguns. I finally purchased a Browning Citori 325.  Additionally, I joined a local gun club (Bradford Sportsmen’s Club, RI). After completion of SWYL, I shot about 50-60% of targets during my first attempt at sporting clays, and approximately 70-80% when shooting trap or skeet. After shooting clays for about four years, I have made incremental improvement, but the most dramatic improvement was through the SWYL program. I am now a much better shotgunner than I was that first day outside of Austin.

However, my reason for taking-up shotgunning was to learn to wingshoot, so when Leon informed me that he was arranging a dove hunt to Córdoba, Argentina through John Wiles of B&W Sporting, LLC (www.bestwingshooting.com), I decided to go as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the field with Leon and 30 million doves. [Also, last September, I shot dove outside of Balmorhea, Texas with my friend Guy from Austin, Texas. I was immediately bitten by the dove hunting bug.] Unfortunately, Leon was unable to identify the necessary number of interested participants, so what was planned as a group hunt was cancelled. Fortunately for me, Mr. John Wiles has been arranging all inclusive hunts for decades (https://bestwingshooting.com/wingshooting-in-argentina/ ).

John was able to seamlessly transfer my prepaid hunt to Frontera Wingshooting, Argentina. This was significant as it allowed my wife (a non-shooter) and me to utilize our non-refundable airline tickets, and for me to shoot on the same days as those scheduled for the Measures’ hunt. Everything I was told about the trip by Mr. John Wiles came to pass. It was extraordinary, and I cannot thank John enough.

High volume dove shooting with Frontera at the El Paraiso Lodge

We flew on LAN from JFK overnight to Santiago, Chile, and then a one hour flight to Córdoba, arriving about noon Monday, March 30th. Ivan met us, and after an hour and 45 minute drive, we arrived at the lodge about 2:30 pm. We were graciously welcomed, and introduced to all the staff. My wife Anne and I were the only guests at the lodge, and we were treated like royalty. We were shown to our room, and our bags were stowed. I assumed that given our late arrival, we had missed lunch. Wrong!! An incredible lunch was prepared: ribeye steak; potatoes, salad… I will not try and remember each meal prepared by Goyo, but each was delicious: appetizers, champagne, wine paired perfectly with each meal (except breakfast!)… (I am sure that Anne could describe each meal if one is interested.) Cristian and Elisa were wonderful to us. One or the other would meet me with a cold beverage when I returned to the lodge after morning or afternoon shooting. It seemed that they were available when needed, but were non-intrusive. They made our stay at the lodge a perfect experience. Anne had a relaxing time. One could not ask for more attentive hosts!! And, as John had suggested, it was not a weight loss program. The food was incredible! The quality of high volume dove shooting was only exceeded by the graciousness of the staff! Now, on to the shooting.

Gabriel determined shooting locations, and Francisco stayed with me during the duration of each morning/afternoon shoot. On a couple of occasions, Gabriel also stayed to provide suggestions to improve my shooting. Morning shoots lasted only a couple of hours with the largest volume of doves flying from roost to fields for about an hour. The afternoon shoots began around [4:00]-[4:30], and one could shoot until sundown. Afternoon shoots were overwhelming; the dove just kept coming. I was told that recent heavy rains had flooded many low nests, and that dove numbers were down. I can only imagine what it would be with population numbers at peak.

Afternoon, day 1:  I shot 500 rounds in only two hours. Francisco indicated my success rate was 364/500.  If I had followed Leon’s advice and mounted my shotgun 500 times per day for a month, I could have shot for another two hours. However, I was fatigued. The birds just kept coming!  I was wearing a nice pair of leather gloves, but still developed a blister and bruise on my trigger finger. For all other shoots, I taped my fingers under my leather shooting gloves.

Morning, day 2: Gabriel moved me to a different location, so as to shoot birds flying from roost to the fields. We were about 1/8th of a mile from the roost. The shooting was generally more challenging as dove flew out of the sun and 50% were high incoming passing shots. I shot 16 boxes of shells and hit 284 birds. The number of birds coming off the roost was more typical of the videos seen of high volume dove shooting. High incoming shots that I struggled with last year in Texas, I consistently hit, although the dove in Texas were flying with a 50 mph tail wind. There was no additional soreness in my taped trigger finger.

Afternoon, day 2: Went back to near the same location as the morning. Francisco counted my success rate at 304/500. The volume of birds was incredible, and when flying to and from the roosts, they generally were flying high and fast. I would say the majority of shots were taken overhead, or nearly so. Very few low crossers. When I tired, I took a short break, and Francisco provide water. I shot for a few hours. The dove were flying back to their roost with a purpose.

Morning, day 3: I was on station at about [7:15] near the La Zenaida lodge, just as the sun was rising. We were located 20 yards from a roost. The shooting was very different as the birds were lower and in closer with many crossing and quartering shots, and a few incoming overhead shots. I went 340/450.

Afternoon, day 3: I shot at the same roost, but a couple of hundred yards from the morning location. Doves were coming and going, crossing from left and right, and presenting what seemed like all possible shooting angles. I could have shot until sundown if I had been in better condition for the volume of shooting, but quit at 351/500. The shooting was most challenging.

Morning, day four: For my last shoot, I shot at the same morning location as day 3.  This location near La Zenaida lodge was but a short drive from El Paraiso lodge.

The final count after six trips to the field over four days, 2089 dove shot with 112 boxes of shells expended. That got me a cap as a member of the 2000 club, and a big smile! I returned to the lodge for lunch with Anne, and prepared for the return trip.

This high volume dove shoot was incredible, and I would return to repeat the adventure. It would have been an even greater thrill to have shared time in the field with Leon and Frillie. The only issue that I had during my stay at Frontera was an inordinate number of malfunctions, primarily failures to fire. This was noted by Gabriel and Francisco, and I discussed the problem with Cristian and Martin. However, even with this one issue, the trip exceeded our expectations. Thank you to all who made this trip possible!

Last Chance for Great Hunts in May

Argentina in May –

Marty Fischer is making TV at the Dove Lodge May 20th  – 23rd.

Gil and Vicki Ash are giving ‘in the field’ instruction on millions of doves, May 28th – 31st and June 4th – 7th.

Colorado Buck is duck hunting May 11th – 15th.

There are still spots available. Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.  All you pay in addition are bird boy tips and shells beyond those in your package.

Email or call me NOW as airfares are scheduled to go up. This could be your last, best chance for a quality hunt with reasonable airfares.
Cell 443.624.8719


April Update

Things continue to change regarding traveling with firearms OUT of this country. I don’t mean to cry “WOLF!” inappropriately, and I am very hopeful things will change, but you need to be aware of what is going on right now, so that if you are planning to travel you don’t get caught in problem not of your own making.

US ChangesThe most important change is that April 3 you will be required to have gotten an ITN number and associated paperwork to take your gun out of the country. This is from our government deciding to enforce a ruling from 2012. While we are hopeful this stupidity will be overturned, being in the know is better than being in the dark. The following is from the offices of SCI, who are working to challenge it, but it doesn’t change things at the moment.

Any time a person departs the United States by any means or method of transportation, and is traveling with firearms and/or ammunition in their possession, the person must comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the lawful exportation of these controlled items.

All persons who intend to travel from the United States to a foreign country with firearms and/or ammunition are reminded that both the permanent and temporary exportation of these items are subject to federal export licensing regulations.  The export regulations for handguns, rifles, associated parts and components, and related ammunition are found in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) administered by the Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC).  The export regulations for sporting shotguns (barrel length of 18 inches or more), muzzle loading firearms, associated parts and components, and related ammunition are found in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) administered by the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).

Export regulations require that prior to traveling outside the United States with firearms and/or ammunition all departing persons must obtain a valid and appropriate DDTC or BIS export license or qualify for a valid DDTC license exemption under 22 C.F.R. 123.17 – 123.18 or a valid BIS license exception under 15 C.F.R. 740.14(e).

Before exporting any firearms and/or ammunition with a valid DDTC or BIS export license or a qualifying license exemption, the traveler, or an agent acting on the traveler’s behalf, must file the Electronic Export Information (EEI) using the Automated Export System (AES) or the Internet-based system AESDirectwhich is publicly availableand free of charge. In addition to filing the EEI in AES or AESDirect prior to export, all firearms, ammunition and additional mandatory documentation (e.g., certifications, foreign import permits, proof of AES filing; such as the Internal Transaction Number) must be presented to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities for visual inspection at the port of departure from the United States.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) is the primary federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating international smuggling operations and enforcing U.S. export control laws.  Failure to comply with the federal regulations governing the temporary and permanent export of firearms and/or ammunition from the United States (including the proper filing of EEI) may result in the detention, seizure, and forfeiture of improperly declared firearms and ammunition and could further subject the traveler to arrest and criminal prosecution by HSI special agents for violation of federal export and/or arms smuggling laws.

The bottom line to all this is, either you go to AESDirect (see above) and go through a lot of time and effort (I did it, and I have an EIN) to register yourself, or you get a Customs Broker to do it for you. Gil Ash of OSP and I have been working on this and Gil found a great Customs Broker who can handle your gun paperwork for $50. You will need to contact Coppersmith Inc. Global Logistics. Contact Jackie O’Connor,  JOconner@coppersmith.com, and she will provide you, in an email, the information forms she needs and handle it for you.

Those of us who are going to Argentina late next month are hoping that legislation will transpire this month to avoid having to do this, but $50 isn’t much to make sure you get your favorite firearm on the plane the day you plan are leaving and you don’t have a hassle with CBP at the airport. Just so you understand both Gil and I have been working this issue, I drove to Raleigh, about 1 1/2 hours to locate Customs and Border Patrol and talk to them about this. They were very nice; they did know about it; it was a measure to stop people from taking guns to Mexico and selling them; said this was all new to them too; said they inherited it from Homeland Security; said the weren’t sure exactly how it would be handled; and most importantly, “Yes, you would need the appropriate papers.”

Okay, on a more energetic note, Argentina has dropped the requirement of registering you Over and Unders with the Consulate. We are still hoping for some change to the semi auto requirement, but I haven’t heard anything positive yet. I will keep everyone informed.



March Update

Hello All! Here you go – The best hunts at All Inclusive Pricing:

WINGSHOOTING in South Africa 2015
The dates are May 31 – June 7 – Doves, Pigeons, Guinea Fowl, Francolin, Ducks and Geese – All in the same week. Bring your own gun, 12 or 20. $3250 for everything but shells and tips. Two groups in May – join in.
Also, we have the ability to extend your stay with visits to some of the most beautiful places in Africa for wine, game viewing, and relaxing, luxurious accommodations. Call or email for more information.

Hunt in Santa Fe with a First Class Wingshooting Taxidermist and have your trophies mounted when you get back. Getting ducks back from Argentina has always been problematic. While not a 100% guarantee, there is a really good chance Dan Bolek, Master Taxidermist who owned Pintail Lodge in Mexico, can bring your birds for collecting and mounting with him back to the US for YOU. He is now hunting in Argentina in Santa Fe, and mounting birds for American hunters. He has brought birds back before, and he is going to try to do the same thing for you.

July is a great month for colorful plumage on the birds, and Dan has two hunts available between his regular customers’ bookings – July 9, 10, 11 and July 13, 14, 15. Three full days of hunting, with as many as 16 species possible. Trophy Hunters, this is for you too. Dan will skin the ducks and prepare them so you don’t have to. This type of trip will only happen during this time this year. If you want you birds mounted, this is the trip to take. $3,599 with everything – hunting, lodging, meals, licenses, gun rentals, and 250 duck shells- everything except bird boy tips ($50 per day) and shells beyond the 250 included. Call me. There is a four man minimum and 6 man maximum on these two hunts. I can add singles to a group.

IMPORTANT TRAVEL NOTE – Lori Wentworth tells me there is a flight from the BA international airport to Santa Fe, so no need to change airports. Problem – there is only one a day, and it fills fast. If you want to go in June and/or July, you need to make your travel arrangements now.

Duck Hunting near BA – I have two opportunities for hunts close to BA, no additional flights:
June 21 – 26, OR August 19 – 24, FOUR days of hunting; $3500. Bargain hunting at a super lodge 3.5 hours from BA – shells and tips are not included. Lots of birds.
July 31 – August 3 – THREE days, $3090. First class everything, 2 hours from BA – shells and tips are not included. Luxury hunting, lots of birds.

DOVE SHOOTING with the Celebrities
Colorado Buck of Where in the World is Colorado Buck, and Marty Fischer of TNT Explosion are both coming to Argentina to film for TV and host hunters for three day dove shooting immersion. Call me for the dates in May as we are only 90 days out. Same all inclusive price with licenses, guns, 1000 shells and more, plus the added benefit of hanging out with great television personalities.
Dove Shoot with some of television’s best known names in the target rich environment that is Argentina. Email for the particulars.

DRIVEN SHOOTING in Europe, World Class Hunts
NEW France – Driven Pheasants, Ducks, and Partridge, September 26 – 28, 10 guns, 750 birds, Chateau de Villette, Burgundy, France.
Spain – Driven Partridges, October 5-9, 5 days, 8 guns, 1000 birds. La Moraleja, Spain.
Wales – Driven Pheasants, Ducks, and Woodcock, December 9 – 14, 8 guns, Bodfuan Shoot, Gwynedd, North Wales.

Contact me for the particulars on any of these incredible and affordable hunts.

January Update

For most of us, the real New Year begins this week. Today, January 8th, we are back to work and beginning to wrap our minds and arms around what we need to do this week, this month, and this year to accomplish that which we have set for ourselves or others have set for us.

I have 12 different and wonderful hunts scheduled for 2015.

Ten are Dove, Pigeon, and Duck hunts in Argentina with an emphasis on May and June hunting, Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. I have three more first class duck hunts near BA still available, and there are individual and twosome openings in the dove and pigeon hunts that are already on the books. The point – you can go if you want to go, and you don’t have to have a group, and you don’t have to go by yourself.

You have to say, “I’m going”, get the dates you want to come, buy a plane ticket, send a small deposit – and you are there, on the trip of a lifetime.

Each week for the next month, I will be sending out a flier featuring the people who are hosting trips to Argentina – instructors, celebrities, everyday guys (like me) who would love to have you join us on the greatest wingshooting experience to be had. See one you like? Call me.

Are you part of a group of die hard duck hunters who want to experience liberal limits, great shooting, food, wine, estancias, and a lifetime of memories? Now is the time.

We have two groups of hunters headed to South Africa in May and June respectively for doves, pigeons, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and francolin.

We have a marvelous, old world experience with Driven Partridges in Spain in October.
We have a Downton Abbey type experience with Driven Pheasants in Wales in December, with Driven Woodcock and Ducks as well – talk about a Christmas to remember.

Keep your eye out for a hunt and a time when you can create your own picturesque and indelible memories in 2015.