December Update

I didn’t want to fill you Inbox over the holidays, so I will tell you now that I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and are looking at the best 2015 you have ever known.

2015 Hunting Opportunities are looking very good right now –

Three very special duck hunts have come available for June of 2015 –
There are two great places with 5 day Duck Hunts for June 6th – 11th, either place is about 2 hours from BA airport, and these are all inclusive hunts – even shells for the duck hunting.
There is one Super Duck Hunt June 22nd – June 26th, about 4 hours from BA, and THE BARGAIN duck hunt of Argentina.
One direct flight to BA and you are all set. It won’t get any better than this.
These hunts will all be gone once the show season starts in January, so if you have a real desire for the best duck hunting available, you need to talk to your hunting buddies and get back to me NOW.

There are six (6) VOLUME Dove Shoots scheduled between late March and the end of May. If you have ever wanted to shoot all you could shoot, every day, for as many days as you want, and still not put a dent in the bird population, any of these hunts are for you. I also have a Dove Shoot scheduled for September, when the birds will be thick. This hunt is for those of you who never really get the shooting you want at the opening of the season, or for those of you who live in states that don’t have a dove season.
I have celebrity hunts and instructional hunts too.
More on those individually in the weeks to come.

If a premier, quality shooting experience is on your bucket list, this hunt is for you. It features five (5) days in Spain with three hunt days – two for driven partridges and one for pigeons. The bag limit for partridges is 1000 for eight (8) guns. The cost for EVERYTING is less than $7K. Old world eloquence, coupled with the beauty of driven birds – spectacular!

We have a special trip planned for December. Two days of Driven Pheasants, one day of Driven Woodcock, one evening of Flighted Mallards, and one evening of Flighted Woodcock. As always, EVERYTHING is included for $7K – meals, lodging , licenses, shells, tips, in country transportation, everything.

It isn’t too early to start planning your 2015 trips of a life time.
Call or email me. Make this the year you do the things about which you have only dreamed.

November Update

It’s the Holiday Season – at least to me. Yes, it’s only November 1st, but it is 48 today with a cold rain and the colored leaves falling into the pond. Thanksgiving is three weeks away and Christmas in less than two months.

Here’s the updated hunting report for the rest of the year and beyond:

We had a great three days at The Webb Farm. The dogs were super; it was cold in the mornings; Wade and Danny were great guides; the shooters were on their game; and Bill and Debbie Webb were gracious hosts as always. For a real Southern Quail Hunt on a 1200 acre generational family farm, considered one of the top six in the country, just give me a call. Do you have a son or daughter, or grandchildren you would like to reward with the quail hunt of a life time, come on down. I can get you special rates at the Pinehurst Resort and we will dine at the Carolina one evening – a spectacular meal. The Webb Farm has a lodge as well and gourmet meals with the Farm chef, and there are two old hotels in downtown Pinehurst that are charming too. A Holiday Season Hunt might just be the ticket for one of you reading this now.

If you’d like to celebrate this year with a Special Holiday Hunt in Argentina, here is your chance. Everyone wants to know what is the cheapest hunt I could offer, and November, December and January are the times where dove shoots are cheapest. It is hunting season here, so it is harder to entice shooters to go to Argentina. As hunters, we are Fall and Winter people, which is why we really like Argentina during the warm months here. Shooting ducks, or pigeons, in July, in the snow, is my idea of a good ‘summer’. November, December, and January are Summer months in Argentina, but there is a real upside – the days are warm, and long; the pool is refreshing; the drinks are cold; and the doves are at their peak as roosts double and then quadruple over about a 6 month period.

How about a Christmas present to yourself, or to your wife and yourself, or your son/daughter. Three days in Argentina, unlimited shooting, all the bells and whistles. How much? Buy your ticket, and you pay the shells, licenses, gun rental and tips yourself when you get there. So your only expense here is the cost of meals, lodging, and hunt. Send me $1000 and pick dates prior to December 15th, or after January 3rd. It really is a Special Holiday Hunt in Argentina. That ‘s all there is to it. $1000 will hold your place for an out of this world dove shoot in Argentina. $1000 – period. Get your friends together for a pre or post Christmas holiday adventure. November, December, and January only.

Next month I will update you on all the celebrity hunts you might want to join in 2015, or suggest some hunts you can do on your own. Stay tuned.


June 2014

Join me in Argentina!

If you want a hunt of a lifetime that will change your perspective on opening day doves here in the US, AND make you the foremost shot at your dove club, join me for 70 degree weather in Argentina in August – beautiful.

For the adventuresome

If you have read my emails, or newsletters, in fact, if my writing ever got past your junk mail, you know I have been going to Argentina for a long time.  I have hunted a lot of areas and with a lot of outfitters for pretty much all the birds.

So when a new, intriguing opportunity comes along I get interested. I am headed to Argentina in August and am looking for a group of 4 or 6, with wives preferably, who would like to go to Mendoza and then head up to Salta, where I have never been, for a few days of pigeon hunting. If you shoot a limit (300) of pigeons with a case of shells (500), I will pay for the case of shells. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? You will see.

We can fly directly from Santiago to Mendoza, do a day or so of wine touring either before or after the hunt, and then fly to Salta, stay at a very well appointed lodge built by the Campbell Soup family, and shoot pigeons for three days. This is big time pigeon hunting.

There might be a chance to visit La Estancia de Cafayate, a relatively new (2007) 1250 acre wine and sporting life development not far from where we will be for those who are looking for a new lifestyle, or a new vacation destination, with polo no less. See for a map of the area. Salta is NW Argentina along the Andes and Cafayate is just south of there.


A friend of mine is going to Salta as part of an 8 or 9 man private flight and hunt from the US, which would make sense since this is NW Argentina. Of course they have millions of doves, but I think good pigeon hunting would be the ticket. There is also the chance for Dorado fishing, but not at the time of year we will be there.

For the wives

I wanted to make this an offer for couples so that wives know they are welcome and there are things for them to do in Argentina. If you are a single hunter, you are welcome so don’t worry about that part; you are always welcome to join us.

For the Family

We are talking about August, 15th -20th or there about, maybe the 25th – 30th, first hunters in get the choice as we will be there anyway. This is prior to school opening, if you want to take a son or daughter too.

The cost per day isn’t anymore than a good dove lodge in Cordoba, and we get to try some of the famous Argentina wines and see a new part of the world. This is a hunt for ‘specialists’ who want to shoot pigeons in a new region and enjoy the Mendoza experience.  Simply let me know if you would like to go, and I will make the arrangements.

John Wiles, 443.624.8719 | 866.635.2838