Driven shooting in Europe

You could spend a fortune on a driven shoot in Europe. But why would you? We offer spectacular wingshooting and driven hunt packages in Europe chock-full of extras, luxury, breathtaking accommodations, in one complete, comprehensive hunt package. 

Rich in Tradition

We have driven shooting packages in many locations across Europe. If you have always dreamed of experiencing a European driven hunt, we offer authentic driven shooting packages you'll love. The lodges and chateaus of our European partners are extraordinary and fit for kings and noblemen — and always at our all-inclusive price.


Off to the peg - driven shooting in europe

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no limit waterfowl in sweden

SOLD OUT in Sweden

$5,100.00 October 9-11 or October 23-25
Chateau Bela Driven pheasant in slovakia 2018

Pheasants in Château Belá

$6,399.00 November 5-9, 2018

Ducks and Geese in Alexandria Romania

$2,499.00 December 28 to January 3
partridge pheasant duck in France 2018

Partridge, Pheasant and Duck in Burgundy France

$5,799.00 October 19-21, 2018
Driven Partridge in Spain

Driven Partridge in Madrid Spain

$4,999.00 October 9-11 and October 23-25, 2018
World Class

Five Star Lodging

The lodges and chateaus on your hunt are extraordinary and the food unparalleled.

One Price


Nothing hidden. No regrets. We make sure there are no unexpected fees.

Your Way

Customize your Trip

We offer 3 to 5 day stays, but can tailor a trip to your needs. Just give us a call.

elevenses basket driven shooting in europe
kieth coyle driven shooting in europe
keith and kate driven shooting in europe

Off to the Peg!

Patridge - Pheasants - Tweeds and Elevenses!

It is difficult to think of shooting in Europe and not conjur up thoughts of fast flying pheasants passing overhead in the traditional driven style, with beaters and loaders, and pickers up, breeks, ties, wool tweeds and elevenses. At Best Wingshooting, we want to take you back to those incredible Edwardian days both in style, luxury, and numbers of birds. We are able to offer driven shooting in four of the most acclaimed places available – Scotland, England, the Czech Republic, Spain and Slovakia.

You will be greeted at the airport, assisted with luggage and guns, transferred to your manor, chateau, or castle, and enjoy all the creature comforts available while enjoying three days of marvelous driven pheasant shooting.

Expect the birds to be presented to the guns in such a manner as to challenge the expert in one area, while allowing even the novice to have a good chance at a nice bag of birds. Each drive will unique, but you can expect hundreds to thousands of birds to fly over the guns in the course of a day. The birds will be at all heights and one only has to concentrate on their own particular goals to have a wonderful and rewarding outing.

Expect five to seven drives per day with a break around 11:00 AM for the traditional tea and cakes. You will also enjoy a lunch traditional to the area you are hunting, so Scottish fare may be quite different from the Slovakian lunch, but all will be delicious and a great treat as part of your adventure.

Call us to arrange your once in a lifetime hunt in Europe at the location and time of your choice. For full details and to book your trip, call John Wiles at 443.624.8719

Best Wingshooting provides a 7-day policy on all hunting packages free of charge.



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