Accidents happen. One fall, or equipment failure could spell the end of your hunt, in the worst possible ways. Global Rescue will make sure you get the medical and transportation you need when you need it. And Best Wingshooting provides a 7-day policy on all of our hunting packages free of charge.

Global Rescue Memberships

When you travel, chances are good that your personal medical insurance won’t bring you home or get you the emergency medical care you need. Global Rescue will. Best Wingshooting works hard to ensure you have a safe and exhilarating experience while on our trips, but unavoidable incidents unfortunately do happen. We have made sure that you’re covered by Global Rescue,  the world’s premier provider of medical & security advisory and evacuation services. Any time you have an illness or injury requiring hospitalization or face imminent bodily harm more than 100 miles from home, Global Rescue will reach you, stabilize you and bring you home, by whatever means necessary.

  • Medical evacuations to your choice of hospital in your home country
  • Emergency field rescue services from remote areas anywhere in the world
  • Medical consultations by specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Deployable paramedics and security personnel to your location
  • Non-medical evacuations for security emergencies or cases of imminent grievous bodily harm
  • 24/7 Operations Center staffed by paramedics and special operations personnel for instant medical and security advice
  • Access to real time city and country political & medical intelligence

Standard Trip Insurance is an important financial planning instrument but is not designed to provide immediate emergency services. Although some trip insurance programs claim to offer medical evacuations and repatriations, the benefits are written with extensive limits and are designed more for reimbursement than timely emergency action. Would you rather a critical care paramedic backed by Johns Hopkins or an insurance claims adjuster answer the phone during your emergency? If something goes wrongyou have the comfort of having medical evacuation coverage as part of your package.


Whatever you say about Global Rescue couldn’t be great enough. I took out one of their policies 5 or 6 years ago for a Russian Brown Bear Hunt. Talk about  one hell of a good move, Thank the Lord for Global Rescue. I was 3 hours by helicopter from anything, was thrown off a sled behind a snowmobile. My left knee was dislocated from the socket.  We painfully got back to camp, (my leg popped back in). We contacted Global Rescue, they say they will mobilize for your pick-up within 90 mins anywhere in the world (believe it).

They took me to a Russian Hospital ( talk about an experience), I spent the night in a nice hotel and next morning was on my way ( 1st class) back to the U.S. Everything about their operation is ” Top Shelf ” marvelous caring people, their connection with Boston Fire Dep’t is Seamless. In short: Really One Hell of an Operation.

Glad you’re hooked up with such a group. I love your service!

Tom Heeger

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