January Update

For most of us, the real New Year begins this week. Today, January 8th, we are back to work and beginning to wrap our minds and arms around what we need to do this week, this month, and this year to accomplish that which we have set for ourselves or others have set for us.

I have 12 different and wonderful hunts scheduled for 2015.

Ten are Dove, Pigeon, and Duck hunts in Argentina with an emphasis on May and June hunting, Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. I have three more first class duck hunts near BA still available, and there are individual and twosome openings in the dove and pigeon hunts that are already on the books. The point – you can go if you want to go, and you don’t have to have a group, and you don’t have to go by yourself.

You have to say, “I’m going”, get the dates you want to come, buy a plane ticket, send a small deposit – and you are there, on the trip of a lifetime.

Each week for the next month, I will be sending out a flier featuring the people who are hosting trips to Argentina – instructors, celebrities, everyday guys (like me) who would love to have you join us on the greatest wingshooting experience to be had. See one you like? Call me.

Are you part of a group of die hard duck hunters who want to experience liberal limits, great shooting, food, wine, estancias, and a lifetime of memories? Now is the time.

We have two groups of hunters headed to South Africa in May and June respectively for doves, pigeons, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and francolin.

We have a marvelous, old world experience with Driven Partridges in Spain in October.
We have a Downton Abbey type experience with Driven Pheasants in Wales in December, with Driven Woodcock and Ducks as well – talk about a Christmas to remember.

Keep your eye out for a hunt and a time when you can create your own picturesque and indelible memories in 2015.

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