May Newsletter

In late May and early June, Argentina next week with Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School. 18 of us will descend on Cordoba next Wednesday for 6 days of dove and pigeon shooting. I will figure out how to post pictures on line. It will be Fall in Argentina with cool mornings and gorgeous days – and millions of doves.

In July, we head to Boise, Idaho to hunt Unlimited Pigeons with Pure Pigeon Outfitters head, Neal Hunt, If this is as good as it is supposed to be, this will become a regular fixture for BestWingshooting. I need one good shooter to fill out the group for this, so if you want to go, please email or phone me.

In August, make plans to join me in Argentina. There is a chance that George Digweed,,, the biggest name in shooting today and 24 time World Champion, may join me for the Dove Challenge. Marty Fischer of TNT Explosion on the Outdoor Channel should be there to film for TV and show off his shooting prowess as well.
Here is anybody’s chance to win 500 shells off me if you can do better on the doves than I can. Call or email for more information.

In September, we are back to Argentina with Dave Miller of CZ-USA who recently set the Guinness Book of Records for clays shot in one hour, Dave, a master class shooter and head of CZ-USA production, will be coming to Argentina for the incredible dove shooting and you are welcome to join him, and learn from him. The weather will be beautiful and the birds will be ‘out of this world’. Join us. Call or email me.

In September, too, we are headed to west Texas to shoot Unlimited pigeons and Eurasian Doves, and limits of White Wings and Mourning Doves with Wayne Bolt of Texas Fowl, Again, if this proves to be successful, we will add it to US places to hunt with We have a very good ‘Trial Group’ for this outing and I will let you know the results.

In October, we have two chances to shoot Driven Partridges in Spain. Three days of shooting, 1000 partridges – AND the best pricing for hunts of this caliber anywhere. Call or email for details.

In November, we have a long weekend set aside at The Webb Farm for traditional Southern Quail Hunting, This one comes with meals, accommodations, unlimited hunting, wonderful Southern Hospitality and everything that goes with being one of the top Quail Hunting Farms in the US. Call or email me for details.

We hope to check out Mexico in September. I am assured by my American outfitter that things are much better than they used to be and that the border problems have been blown out of proportion by the media (imagine that) so we are going to see for ourselves. This outfitter has incredible doves, ducks, and quail and 120 hunters from 2013/14 to prove it. I will let you know what I find out as soon as we can make it happen.

We will be adding hunts and developing dates as time and adventures dictate. Please join us on any of our hunts of a life time.

Remember, the outfitter pays me, not YOU. If you book direct with someone, you don’t save any money and you cost me money. Please consider that when booking your next hunt.

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