straight shooting BB gun - Leon Measure's Shoot Where You Look Program

Straight Shooting BB Gun – Leon Measure’s Shoot Where You Look

Leon Measure has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of kids to shoot aspirin or even BB’s out of the air with a BB gun with “Shoot Where You Look” methodology. Shoot Straight! A new straight shooting BB gun. However, you need a BB gun that will shoot STRAIGHT, and when the rifle company stopped making […]

Couples Get Away Perthshire Scotland

Winged Shooting and Couples Getaway Highland Perthshire, Scotland

First Class Winged Shooting

Murthly Estate is nestled in the heart of Perthshire, overlooking River Tay. The wide variety of terrain in this part of Perthshire straddles both Highland and Lowland ground, which makes for an exciting hunt with different challenges. Shooters will experience the thrill of a walk-up hunt for pheasant and grouse one day, and a driven pheasant shoot the next day.

Magnificent European Hunts in 2017

Start making plans for a European Hunt in 2017. Save Save

“The gun will go where it is supposed to.” (Marguerite Harris with John Wiles)

Sportsman’s Travel Insurance

You’ll want to make sure that you protect the investment you’ve made in your trip by being protected with CPO* Sportsman’s Travel Insurance to ensure you get back the money you would not otherwise be entitled to. Furthermore, this policy will protect your personal belongings AND your sporting equipment should they be lost in transit.

August Update

Many of you don’t know, but July 2015 was an interesting month. I have no recollection of it as I spent the first 17 days of July on complete life support in the ICU at Moore County Regional Hospital (First Health), receiving the best and finest care any person could ask for. That’s what my wonderful Laurie […]

Best Wingshooting Dove hunt in Cordoba Argentina

The Eared Doves of Cordoba

“LISTEN,” BIG JOHN WHISPERED, cocking his head toward the loudening sound. A soft, low rumble like an oncoming freight train was closing in from the distance. His gaze swept the cornfield, lately reaped of its golden harvest, the barren cornstalks bent over like a regiment of withered old war veterans.

Coo-coo. Coo-coo-a.
“The wind?”
“No. The doves.”

3 Items of Good News for a Thursday

Hi guys and girls, more good news for you duck hunters about Argentina; also we’re on the radio; and we have some trips in July, August, and September you will want to know about – We’re running a special on Duck Hunts at Vera Cruz in August, 4 Days for the Price of 3. Now […]

A thank you from Tom Puccio

Tomas and Clarita and John, I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic trip that was!  Both lodges were again excellent, the food superb, the staff wonderful, and the birds incredible.  There was only one day when the doves were a little off, but the next day sure made up for it.  Edwardo […]

Argentina Past and Future

Laurie and I have just returned from the best trip to Argentina yet, which is saying something after 25 years. What was so special? The people. The birds were abundant; the food was excellent; the staff were incredible; but it was the people who came there to hunt that made the trip so special. Guests […]

May Newsletter

In late May and early June, Argentina next week with Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School. 18 of us will descend on Cordoba next Wednesday for 6 days of dove and pigeon shooting. I will figure out how to post pictures on line. It will be Fall in Argentina with cool mornings and […]