Best Wingshooting Dove hunt in Cordoba Argentina

Our Dove Shooting Trip to La Zenaida Lodge in Argentina

I am writing to you from La Zenaida Lodge in Argentina. Laurie and I have been here now for 10 days. We also spent a day at El Paraiso about 10 minutes away and loved it as well. While the Argentines call this the “High Season”, it is the low season for doves. Here, now, there are only a few million, not the 10 million that will be here  at the lodge from October through February. Think about that for a second. Any hunter, any day, can shoot 1000 shells in the morning and 1000 shells in the evening.

Two days ago on a beautiful 75 degree afternoon, our hunters (three of them) shot 500 shells each in one hour and decided to relax the rest of their outing and watch the birds fly. Where else on earth can you do that? Where else on earth do they fly for three hours in the morning and three or four hours in the afternoon in a constant steady stream on shorter Fall days like it is here now? Answer: no where.

We stayed here while Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School took the first group to the pigeon lodge, Montaraz, about 3 ½ hours away. We stayed because part of our second group showed up early and we felt we should be here when they arrived. I’m glad we did. The three (a husband and wife, and a friend) came from Jamaica, the first Jamaicans here at the lodge. It has been a delight. Four more came in the second group, two more couples, and we have 7 shooters, plus Gil and Vicki shooting, coaching, filming, and being the consummate hosts.

We are at Tomas Frontera’s lodges, and he has been with us most of the time. That is a big thing for a young man with 5 lodges to look after, plus an office with at least 6 employees, and 4 children at home. His wonderful wife, Clarita, keeps the business and the house going with some staff help. It is a wonderful family pursuing and developing their dream of great shooting lodges for doves, pigeons, and ducks here in Argentina. And they are succeeding.

I will close with this – the roses are in bloom, the wind is blowing gently; there is the sound of gunfire a couple of hundred yards from the lodge; and there are tens of thousands of birds in the air. I think I need to be somewhere other than at the key board. Till next time.

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