straight shooting BB gun - Leon Measure's Shoot Where You Look Program

Straight Shooting BB Gun – Leon Measure’s Shoot Where You Look

Leon Measure has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of kids to shoot aspirin or even BB’s out of the air with a BB gun with “Shoot Where You Look” methodology.

Shoot Straight! A new straight shooting BB gun.

However, you need a BB gun that will shoot STRAIGHT, and when the rifle company stopped making one that did, Leon took it on himself to build a straight shooting BB gun to make kids better shooters. Precision tools for precision training. For more than 50 years the Shoot Where You Look System has enabled tens of thousands of shooters to save time and money, while becoming better shooters. The specific Training Tools around which SWYL was developed were discontinued so Leon went in search of a manufacturer who could. Ultimately, he decided to create his own and is offering you the first chance to buy one of the first 1000 BB guns. Buyers will appreciate owning a piece of history, and the satisfaction of having had a positive, lasting impact in the future of the shooting sports.

Help out the next generation of shooters

Here is YOUR chance to HELP. I bought one of these new straight shooting BB guns because it’s right to help someone who is trying to help so many, and you should too. Let’s do something that’s really GOOD for future shotgun shooters. Read the flier, check out the story on the internet.

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