Wingshooting in Argentina

Non-stop, no limit, bird filled, dove shooting in renowned Cordoba, Argentina the number one destination for volume wingshooting in the world. Imagine the scene: wave after wave of doves and you shooting with your bird boy loading shell after shell...all day long. That's wingshooting in Cordoba. Argentina is one of the most affordable and enjoyable dove shooting locations you'll ever visit.

Unlimited Doves in Buenos Aires

$1,375.00 September - March 2020

Ducks Perdiz and Doves in Buenos Aires

$4,199.00 May - August 2020

Doves & Pigeons in Argentina

$3,599.00 May - August 2020

The Argentina asado, or barbecue as we call it, is a staple of lunch time dining in Argentina. Served at the lodge or in the field, a lunch of prime beef cuts, sausages, ribs, salads, and fine Malbec wines is always a favorite part of the day.

In the late afternoon, after returning to the lodge, enjoy dove brochettes or dove pate, homemade chips, homemade salami, Chilean olives, and your favorite beverage as you lounge by the pool or by the fire depending on the season you are there.

Enjoy a chef prepared three or four course evening meal, featuring Argentine grass fed beef steaks, prime rib, tenderloins, or ribs as your main course. And at the end there is always afavorite Argentine dessert - perhaps Flan tonight, or Dulce De Leche over homemade ice cream, or fresh fruits with a custard sauce.

World class wingshooting for doves, pigeons, ducks or perdiz; wonderful people; great accommodations; spectacular lodges - Argentina has it all. And Best Wingshooting uses the best lodges. No long drives for our customers. Hunters can often walk to the hunting area from their rooms, maybe 200 to 300 yards. If driving is required, you will be there in 5 minutes, not one hour.

"Know before you go", and Best Wingshooting is your best source for no hassle, short distance, volume wingshooting - doves or pigeons.

Argentina has Legendary fields of Doves & Pigeons

Argentina boasts an unlimited number of doves, pigeons and ducks for the avid bird hunter. There is no place on earth for the wingshooter like Argentina. On a typical dove shooting afternoon it is not unusual to shoot 1000, 1500, 2000 or more shells.

Most Americans are overwhelmed on their first trip as they cannot believe the numbers of birds in continuous flocks for hour on end. Argentine boast two types of pigeons, the Spotted Wing pigeon, a more common variety found in large numbers in the wild, and the Picazura pigeon, a larger version of its cousin with colors more like those of a dove.

Both are acrobatic fliers that decoy readily for those who like that sport, but they also provide challenging, speedy targets in a pass shooting environment as well. Shooters should add a day or two of pigeon hunting to their itineraries once they have enjoyed a few of the volume days of the dove field.

An Argentina dove or pigeon hunt is one unforgettable experience due to the sheer volume! High volume bird hunting action, exquisite dining, and first class accommodations in one all inclusive price tag offered through Best Wingshooting is the key.

We offer a variety of three day or four day dove hunting packages in Argentina to fit your schedule and in different seasons. These can be combined with pigeon hunting or duck hunting, as a secondary shooting for either of these stand alone hunts. Join us in Cordoba for the bird hunting experience of a lifetime.

all inclusive dove hunting in argentina
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Cordoba – Doves and Pigeons

Cordoba has been the standard for dove shooting in Argentina for a long time now. With direct flights from Miami twice a week, it has never been easier to schedule your three- or four-day trip to Cordoba for incredible dove shooting. has the preferred outfitter there, who also offer dove shooting and spectacular pigeon shooting at a second lodge only two hours from the Cordoba airport. If you are looking for the best place – price, hunting, accommodations, food, wines, and service – BestWingshooting has the right outfitter for you.

Buenos Aires Province – Mixed Bag, Ducks, Perdiz, and Doves

Buenos Aires (BA) is reachable by direct flight from many major US cities, and now duck hunting, perdiz hunting, and dove shooting are all available within reasonable driving distances of the international airport. BestWingshooting has four lodges three to five hours from the airport, all of whom offer wonderful duck hunting, perdiz hunting over pointing dogs, and afternoon dove shooting to rival their sister province of Cordoba. Whether it’s world class cuisine, first class accommodations, or the genuine Argentine estancia experience, we can offer quality hunts to the most discriminating wingshooter. Spend an extra day or two in BA, the Paris of the South, for extraordinary shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Salta – Doves and Pigeons

Salta is the closest hunting destination to the US, but has been hampered for years because there were no direct flights there. Now there is a direct flight from Panama City, Panama, an easy destination from many major cities in the US. Spend three of four days shooting doves and or pigeons in virtually virgin territory with millions of birds, while staying at a first-class lodge with all the food, wines, and service one would expect from any world class location. We believe Salta will become the new ‘go to’ destination in Argentina over the next several years. Go now while it is everything you have ever wanted in Argentina wingshooting.

DOVE HUNTING in Argentina is unforgettable. It is truly the ONE WINGSHOOTING EVENT you have to enjoy at least once in your lifetime.

The love of the shotgun, the anticipation of the hunt, the planning, the unbelievable wingshooting, the camaraderie…the memories. Nothing compares to that moment you look at the waves of doves sweeping across the Argentine sky toward water, or grain, or the roost – wave, after wave, after wave of doves – from five to five hundred at a time, as far as you can see, in wave after unbroken wave. Experience for yourself what dove shooters have been raving about for years. Argentina dove shooting is still the best in the world – period.

Call us to arrange your once in a lifetime hunt in Argentina at the location and time of your choice. For full details and to book your trip, call John Wiles at 443.624.8719

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