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Driven Shooting, An Immersion; American Flighted Pheasant; Simpler Times; and ‘Available Days’ : Starting October 2020

Summer Clays: Clay for Driven Pheasants, Driven Partridge, Argentina Doves: Starting April 2021

American Wing Clay
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American Wing and Clay Shooting - Rethink your volume shooting opportunities

4 days / 3 nights / 2 days of shooting / Limited to 8 guns / All inclusive

Plus, a 3 day/2 night/1-day volume shooting event for those with limited time, also All Inclusive.

For a while now, I have wanted to bring back to life some of the legendary shooting history of Pinehurst, North Carolina, my hometown for the past 10 years, so sportsmen like you may experience the enjoyable shooting traditions that made this the center of clay target and bobwhite quail hunting in the United States for more than 75 years.

With the American Wing and Clay, we are bringing the best of the driven shooting experience from Europe to the Sandhills, in south central North Carolina. Inspired by the great driven shoots in England and Scotland, we are recreating that experience in as close to a natural setting and with as many wild, high-flying birds as possible.

I am pleased to announce that Dewitt’s Game Birds and Dewitt’ Outdoor Sports is working with us on this exciting venture. He is well-known around the country for the quality gamebirds he raises -- about a half million birds each year -- comprising ducks, pheasants, quail, and chukars on his 1,500-acre family farm, just 20 minutes from Southern Pines. The rolling hills, pristine ponds, and rural atmosphere are ideal for driven birds.

Driven Shooting, an Immersion is primarily for couples who want to learn about Driven Shooting, and maybe participate in that together in the future. It is also for those who want to also learn about the history of Driven Shooting, what it is and isn't here in the USA; clothing, guns, etiquette (including which fork to use and why so many glasses), terminology - stuffers, loaders, flaggers, pickers up, etc. - and develop or hone their skills in shooting driven birds. This venue has a 1,600-bird day on clays and a subsequent minimum 300 flighted pheasant day, with drawing for pegs, elevenses, 8 'drives', wine and drinks at 5, etc. and coat and tie dinners. 

American Flighted Pheasants offers four days, three nights and two days of flighted pheasants, with 250, 300, or even 400 bird days. It is for the pheasant shooter. A class event with all pheasants.

Simpler Times is a four-day, three night, two days of shooting event with 100 driven ducks to start the first day and 200 pheasants the first afternoon. The second day would be a full 300 bird Flighted Pheasant day.

'Available Days' is a simpler format, with three days, two nights, and one day of shooting. The itinerary is to arrive in the afternoon in time to unpack and get ready for drinks and snacks. Introductions to, or catching up with, your fellow shooters is followed by heavy hors' oeuvres on a continual basis for the evening. Next morning, we depart after breakfast for the shooting grounds for Flighted Pheasants, a 300, 400, or 500 bird day, whatever the group has chosen. 6 drives for 300, 8 for 400, and 8 for 500 with the last drive of the day for this being a magnificent 150 birds, all over a small 8 gun line.

Summer Clays - 3000 Targets

4 days / 3 nights / 2 days of shooting / Limited to 8 guns

Summer shooting under the American Driven Shooting concept to prepare everyone for doves, driven pheasants, and driven partridges in the Fall. High clays thrown over you 20 to 50 yards high, plus a dove field where clays are crossing, quartering in, and quartering out - all appearing in your vision about as fast as you can load and shoot. We can slow things down for specific target practice, practice self-loading, having a 'stuffer' or even a 'loader'. We can speed things up too to give you real, hot barreled action.

Need help with high incomers? We have a certified driven shooting instructor there to help. Having trouble with the gun shooting exactly where you look? We have a certified shotgun fitter available as well. Always wanted to be fitted but didn't want to pay for it? It's included in your outing.

We are even including 250 shells for your two days of shooting, plus your lodging at Duncraig Manor, meals and wines.

Four guns shooting, four watching or loading, then switch, plus we will draw for pegs, 6 rotations, have elevenses, two to three venues, constant action - no scores, no pressure - just pure shooting enjoyment and real practice.

Couples, who both shoot, receive a discount. Get ready. Our time is coming.

BEST WINGSHOOTING clients who come to shoot with us in any of our events will be staying at Duncraig Manor, a magnificent estate located in the famous horse country of Southern Pines, North Carolina. The white-washed and timber English Tudor-style mansion is set on five acres of gardens and was built in the 1920s by the chairman of the Quaker Oats Company. Duncraig’s present owners, Don and Caroline Naysmith, recently completed an 18-month restoration to exacting historical standards and offer all the amenities you would expect of a luxury boutique hotel.

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American Wing and Shot Itinerary


I am creating the driven shooting experience here, in the United States and doing it in a manner
 suggestive of the great driven shoots in England and Scotland, in as close to a natural setting --
 and with as wild, high-flying birds as possible.
Your response and any thoughts you may have, is extremely 
important to me. I believe we have a great format and to ensure our success,
 have made our prices as low as possible. Granted, this is not Scotland -- but it
 is, historically, the premier clay target and bobwhite quail shooting grounds in
America from 1895 to 1970. And you’re not only getting a shoot of a lifetime,
 but you’re getting it at a fraction of the price of a U.K. shoot --and you don’t
 have to deal with the hassle of transatlantic flying.

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