Wingshooting in the USA

2018 Elderado Dove Hunting in Texas

The Elderado Lodge in Uvalde, Texas was built in 1969 as a hay barn but now is a lavish lodge with modern amenities. A spacious porch, outdoor venue with bar, T.V. room and wonderful outdoor patio with fire pit, split mesquite, washer boards, horse shoe pits and a skeet range; all surrounded by Oak trees overlooking a stock tank.

Join us for dove season this September. Ample room for you and your guests. Wingshooting at its finest in the Texas hill country.

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Protect the investment you’ve made in your European wingshooting adventure with CPO Sportsman’s Travel Insurance. Natural or man-made disasters, illness…anything could happen at a moment’s notice, but good quality travel insurance will save you the headache and heartache of a canceled trip.

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It’s a long flight to across the pond, and well-made plans are essential. Contact Lorie Wentworth of Travel Leaders to receive 5-star customer care for your round trip reservations. She will ensure you, your equipment, and your flights are perfectly in order. Lori Wentworth, 301-863-6012